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…Sunday Ride… August 8, 2017

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Check out my ride on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/1120401435/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1502034312

The GPS signal was off a couple times, so the actual ride was a bit over 20 miles…

…Good Ride… May 9, 2017

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It’s been years since I rode. To get back on and go for nearly 20 miles felt good. 

…Big Ride… May 5, 2017

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To motivate myself into riding, ii signed up for a big ride on June 3rd – 62 miles!

Get started on your tax deductions with a donation to diabetes to support my ride:

Not that I really need motivation. Having a new bike that fits is motivation enough to keep riding.

But I look forward to cranking out some miles in getting ready for a metric century ride.

It’s gonna be fun!

…Finally… May 3, 2017

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So, I finally did it. I got sized for a bike. I ordered the bike. I picked up the bike. I rode the bike. I fell in love with the bike. My bike.

I hope to resurrect this blog with anecdotes about riding my new Surly Cross-check. Yep, I went with the Surly. An absolutely fantastic bike.

Is it stock? Mostly. Here’s what I changed:

  • Brooks B17 – black
  • Crank Bros Candy pedals
  • Fenders
  • Lights – lots of lights
  • Leather tool roll I made myself

The bike is amazing. I was surprised at the sizing. I figured I’d land on a 62, but this is a 60 and is a dream to ride.

I’ve been off the bike for a few years, so it feels good to ride again. I’ve started commuting to rack up the miles, break in the Brooks, and start getting back into shape.

#surly #crosscheck #brooks #commute

Here are a few pics:

…Too Long… January 30, 2017

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So, it’s been too long.

Too long since I last posted.

Too long since I last rode.

Too long since I last tuned a bike.

Too long since I sat on a trainer in the winter.

Too long since I bought a new bike.

Too long since I gave away my last bike.

It’s just been too long.

I don’t currently have a bike. My Long Haul Trucker was a tad big. I did the best I could with it, but couldn’t get it there. Seat adjustments. Shorter stem. Just couldn’t get it right. It’s in good hands now and will get ridden as it deserves to be ridden.

Come mid-March, I’ll (hopefully) get a bit of a bonus from work. After paying back a couple debts, I’ll be bike shopping. It’s time to get back in the saddle.

I’ll set it up as a commuter with fenders and racks and lights. It’ll be a bit heavy, but so am I. I’d rather have the bike setup to ride to and from work than kept as a road bike when I don’t do real road-biking.

What I’ll need:

  • Shoes: I prefer mountain biking or touring shoes. Something with a soft sole to walk in since I’ll be using it for commuting as well as weekend rides.
  • Helmet: Eh. Don’t care which.
  • Gloves: I need good gloves. I’m not convinced the gel gloves are any better than just a good pair of leather biking gloves.
  • Bar Tape: I like good bar tape. Something that matches the saddle. Leather.
  • Saddle: Brooks. Only a Brooks.
  • Pedals: Crank Bros. Candy 3.
  • Bike: Surly. Cross-Check. Preferably the black.
  • Accessories: Fenders. Lights. Racks.

That’s what I’m hoping to put together this spring…



…New Bike?… January 23, 2013

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So, I have been thinking about getting a new bike. After much deliberation and review, I’m going to email a local bike builder: http://www.andersoncustombicycles.com/index.htm

I’ll keep you updated. Mahalo.