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…itching to ride… June 6, 2007

Posted by Chief in Biking, Culture, Touring, Travel, Websites.

I haven’t been on the bike for 5 days now… and I’m itching to get back on.

Friday afternoon, I had some left knee pain (went away by Monday), so I got a ride and left the bike at work. Monday I decided to take the bike in for a checkup to The Bike Shop. Should have it back soon. Getting the chain replaced along with an entire overhaul. I really need to learn how to do all this myself. Actually, I’m confident I could do it (except for the spoke tensioning), I just need to finish cleaning/organizing the garage so I have a workspace, then invest in the right tools. Looks like my current tool set will be just fine for most of it, but there are a few special tools required.

(Switching to rant)… so I’m driving to work Tuesday morning and see a guy riding his bicycle out of the Navy base. He was a civilian. His seat was set too low, the bike frame looked pretty small… but what got me was his riding. He had a WWII style helmet with the straps hanging free, so it wasn’t even attached to his head. When he got across the street from the base, he took the helmet off. After taking the helmet off, he proceeded to go up Radford, the H1 overpass, against traffic! He rode helmetless on the wrong side of the road. Oh, and wearing earphones. Not the stick in your ear kind, but the band over your head, cover your ears kind. (Switches off rant)

It is frustrating to see people blindly go about an activity without regard to the impact on themselves or on others. I read through the posts on BikeForums, and other than the helmet – no helmet issue, everyone seems pretty well sided for riding with traffic and without earphones.

Speaking of BikeForums, I’m probably the last one to figure this out, but they (ok, one guy, Joe) have sold it. Yep. He sold it to Internet Brands. I really hope they don’t change it around much. [sic] I really love those forums because of how many people are always on them. Maybe it’s just the bicycle crowd, but there is more activity on these forums than on the other three I frequent for my other hobbies. Anyway, the answers are always quick and there are always plenty of perspectives.

As far as updates, I’ve slacked off but am back on track for putting the rest of the information up. I was building a website for a flight school (they didn’t ask, I just did it), took it in to give it to them, and they turned it down. Who would turn down a free website. It is soooo much better than the one they have up. So, I stripped out all the flight school stuff, deleted most of the pages, and turned it into a template. If you are interested in using it, you can download it from the box.net link on the right, or from —> here. It is a zipped folder. It is free. Enjoy it.

All the legs of the Oahu tour are now uploaded to mapmyride.com. Still working on more reviews, and on updating the last of the information from the Oahu tour.



1. Brian - June 7, 2007

As far as I’m aware, Internet Brands has no interest in your personal data. The forums doesn’t really have anything more than your email and birthdate anyway, we don’t even have your real name. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

2. bloodhound - June 7, 2007

I apologize. I’ve edited my post and removed my speculative comments. I do trust that the right thing will be done for the right reason, and have no reason to believe they have any ill intentions. You’ve done a great job building it. We all hope that they can at least maintain the progress you’ve made.

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