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…lots of stuff… June 26, 2007

Posted by Chief in Bicycle, Biking, Equipment, HAM, Hawaii, Radio, Websites.

So, I had a GREAT Father’s Day. Absolutely wonderful and relaxing.

This last Sunday, I went for a long overdue bike ride. Not a long one, but a short little 20 miler around the harbor. I really slacked off since my tour around the island. You can see the Pearl Harbor bike path route [HERE]. It’s not too bad. Just used and worn enough that you can’t go flying around on it at 20mph, so it makes for an easy training ride.

Speaking of rides and tours, the SuperFerry is in Pacific waters and will be out here very soon. I hear they are “show-boating” her around the West coast of the mainland. I called today to see if they are taking reservations yet, and they stated that they will start in a few days. I can’t wait. I’ll be reserving my tickets to take my bike over to Maui and tour around.

Hopefully, by then I’ll have my battery issue figured out. If you keep up on my HAM blog, you’ll know that I’ve decided to take the FT-7800R dual band radio I bought for my Jeep, and put it on my bike. I’ll be getting the FTM-10R for my Jeep. The only thing I have to figure out is the battery. I have a rough idea of what I want (the PowerSonic SLA, probably a 2.5 to 4.0 Ah), I just need to find someplace that doesn’t charge $55 to ship a $20 battery no bigger than a box of checks. Absolutely stupid. I wonder if they check to see what their shipping prices are, or if they are automated and they are sitting around wondering why they aren’t selling anything.

Anyway, that was a post better left on my HAM blog. As far as biking goes, I had a great ride in to work this morning. This was my first morning where I averaged over 16.0 mph. In fact, it was 16.3 mph. That was AVERAGE speed – which includes all the sub 16mph’s going from light to light and stop to stop and up the small hill and overpass. I was cranking out a pretty steady 18-18.5 mph most of the way in. Oh, and max speed was only 22.4, so don’t think that I went bombing down some crazy hill at 35+ to kick up the average. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of myself. Of course, my legs were shot all day, I didn’t eat enough after the ride or during the day, so I was pretty spent on the ride home. Too much coffee and not enough water didn’t help either.

That’s ok, I’ll recover tomorrow. I will be helping a friend with some brakes on his mini-van, so I’ll take my wife’s Jeep in to work and leave from there. Then I’ll hit the commute hard again tomorrow.

Enough for tonight, I’ve got homework to catch up on…



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