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…Sunday ride to Sandy Beach… July 2, 2007

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Well, the ride was great!

Turned out a little under 30 miles. We went out to Sandy Beach and back. Since there were only two of us, we weren’t as motivated to keep going up into Waimanalo. Maybe we’ll get some more riders out there with us next Sunday.

Total trip time: 3 hrs
Total pedaling time: 2 hrs 3 min
Max speed: 38.4 mph
Avg speed: 13.3 mph
Distance: 27.3 miles
Route: [See Map Here]

I’ve got over 300 miles on my Brooks B.17 now. It feels great. I’d call it broken in, but won’t finish my review of it until after the full recommended 500 miles.

My friend rode his new bike, a Surly Crosscheck. I’m totally jealous. It’s a beautiful bike. Well thought out, too. It was built by a local bike shop, so it doesn’t have the typical Crosscheck gearing, which turned out better for him anyway. His gears were better suited for this ride than mine. He has a triple chainring, with a 26 (smaller than my 28) on the inside, and a 53 (larger than my 48) on the outside. His cassette goes from 11 (smaller than my 12) to 27 (smaller than my 28, but also larger than his front 26). This gives him a much better range of gears. With the sub 1:1, he was spinning easily up Koko Head on Hawaii Kai Road, while I was mashing in my lowest gear. That one tooth makes a huge difference. It’s like my transmission has a top ratio of 1:1, while his transmission has overdrive.

Overall, it was a great day.



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