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…first flat of 2007… July 8, 2007

Posted by Chief in Bicycle, Biking, Equipment, Hawaii.

So, I was looking my bike over tonight, getting ready for work tomorrow, and my rear tire is flat. I feel pretty good about that. This is my first flat of 2007, and my first flat since that horrible day with 3 flats (Sept 19, 2006). After finally getting home that day, I spent the money for some Armadillo’s. I never got a flat on those tires. I switched them for the Borough’s back in early May.

So, how many flats will I deal with this year? The counter is on. –> 001



1. Chris L - September 2, 2007

Just one! Sheesh! I’m up to 23 already. What’s your secret?

2. bloodhound - September 3, 2007

Ooooh man… 23!? Ouch.

Well, besides the obvious “secret” of avoiding as much as I can, the only other things I can change are tires and tubes.

So, I use Armadillo tires. The ones on my bike now are the 700×32 Bourough’s. They are heavier, but have some (very little, though) tread. So, if you are a go-fast and go-light guy, it’s not likely you’ll enjoy these tires. If you are a tired-of-flats guy, you’ll love any of the Armadillos (they come in various sizes and models). They are a heavy belted, bead to bead, kevlar tire. Absolutely bullet-proof.

And for the tires, I use the largest size I can get in the tire. For example, when I was running the 700×28 Armadillo Nimbus tires, I used the 28-32 tubes. Many people were saying that it would be too big, and to go with the 25-28 (or was it 22-28?) tubes. When you put a large tube in one tire and a small tube in a second similar tire, the large tube’s rubber will not have stretched out and thinned out as much as the smaller tube to get to operating pressure. This makes it more naturally puncture resistant. Just watch the pinch flats!…

Post again if you go with some Armadillos. Let me know how they work out for you.

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