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…flat count… October 11, 2007

Posted by Chief in Bicycle, Biking, commute, Equipment, Hawaii, Information, review.

…Yesterday morning’s flat makes 002 for 2007. Not too bad since we’re going into the 10th month. Of course there’s a total of 6 or 7 weeks I wasn’t riding, but only 2 flats is great. The culprit was a particularly aggressive piece of glass that was long enough to get through the tire.

Speaking of tires… I do love the Armadillo Elite Borough CX tires. They really hold up well. The rear tire (with the flat yesterday) has a dozen cuts that never made it through the kevlar belting. I can’t imagine riding a non-kevlar tire. The Armadillos are worth every penny (and the couple extra grams).

I just need to get back into the habit of leaving early enough to deal with a flat (just in case). It only takes a few minutes, but I’ve been cutting my commute time and timing down to the bare minimum needed. I need to change that and leave a little earlier. 5 minutes won’t hurt, right?…


1. Chris L - October 13, 2007

Two eh? That’s pretty good going.

The news on this side of the pond is good — I’ve only progressed to 25 since this last subject came up, meaning that my rate of flats has actually slowed considerably since switching to the Vittoria Randonneurs. I had been on course for 50 at one stage.

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