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…2008 Sharon’s Ride for Epilepsy… January 27, 2008

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…Well, I managed the ride today. It was brutal. The weather was cold (relatively speaking – it is Hawaii!) and drizzly until the ride started. Then it was just windy. Really windy. Headwind all the way windy. Blow your bike into the guardrail (almost) windy. Horribly windy. But, I did it.

My bike computer says:

  • Time: 4 hrs 51 min
  • Distance: 55.2 statute miles
  • Average: 11.4 mph
  • Max: 40.0 mph

We shaved a half dozen miles off at the turn around, so we (my friend and I – not necessarily every one else) didn’t quite finish a full metric century, but it was close.

I was absolutely not ready for this ride. Looking through my ride records, I see that my longest ride in the last 5 months has been a whopping 9 miles, until today. Then I went and cranked out 55 miles. The last 15 miles, I just wanted to sit on the curb, throw up, and cry. I’m sitting here now amazed that I finished at all. Well, no better training than “jump in with the sharks, how much survival training do you remember, what are you going to do now” training.

At least, I’m riding on a Brooks…



1. craigdurkee - January 29, 2008

good on ya feel better for it now dont you…. MAybe hahah

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