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…first clipless fall… March 8, 2008

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So, I’m at an intersection, stopped at a red light… and a security guy on a beach cruiser pedals through the red light without a care in the world. The Chief in me comes to the surface immediately and I’m ready to catch up to him and explain what a poor example he is of the bicyclists trying to stay alive on the aggressive Honolulu roads.

Anyway, the light turns green and I start mashing the pedals before I’m completely clipped in. Sure enough, in the middle of the intersection, I go down. First forward then to the left. I banged up my right leg, my left leg, and the leg in the middle. I can only show pictures of the left and right. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad. I rode another 3 miles home, cleaned it up, and am ok.

Just my karmic reminder to worry about myself. Every time I get on one of my rants about other people, I’m reminded about how poorly put together I am… Other than the little mishap, it was a great ride. Beautiful day.

Right ankle

Left leg



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