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…Weekly Mileage… July 28, 2009

Posted by Chief in Bicycle, Biking, commute, Rides.
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Well, my first week biking in more than 6 months was great. I did a couple commutes to work (11.5 miles each way), and a little club ride with our recently formed work ride club, the OTTER (Operations Training Team Easy Riders) Club.

My Sun-Sat mileage totaled 48 miles, and that was only riding on 3 of those days – Sun, Tue, and Thu. So, not too bad.

And I love the bike! Go Surly!



1. sher - August 3, 2009

well done………… keep up the good work……….

2. Keith - February 23, 2010

It’s probably too cold to ride…. eh?

3. Keith - April 25, 2010

Springtime is here, start riding again soon?

4. Joy - June 19, 2010

The terrain and views from a bike seem pleasant enough. I won’t see any big hills to bike up. Now that the weather is moderate, you will be able to bike more often. How were the sore muscles? Are you bringing your bike to Idaho? Scratch that thought…we have a schedule already presented for the week and there isn’t much free time unless you are into a ride before breakfast.

5. THOR - June 30, 2011

About to kick some mileage butt????

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