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…back on the bike… June 12, 2007

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Had some work done on my bike. It’s back and running smoother than ever. It desperately needed the overhaul after the Solo Oahu Tour. The guys at The Bike Shop did an excellent job as always. Replaced both shifter cables and the chain, along with a complete inspection and overhaul.

(switching subjects)… While on my little tour, the item I received the most comments about was my Hennessy Hammock. Everyone that saw it had questions about it. How do you get in? What if there are no trees? Is it comfortable? and on and on.

I must say, that if you haven’t tried one, you should. Answering those questions simply don’t do the hammock tent justice. You really need to try it to understand how easy it is to set up and use, how comfortable it is, and how portable it is. If you haven’t read my review, check it out. If you haven’t visited the Hennessy Hammock site, check it out.

When not at camp, such as while commuting to and from work, the item I get questioned about is my seat. A Brooks B.17 leather saddle. I have not finished my review of it, but (spoiler) I love it. I’m over 200 miles into the break-in, so watch for the review soon. And if you haven’t been to the Brooks site, check it out.

(switching subjects)… And in other news, check out my new-new site. I was inspired to start a blog to log my HAM radio contacts. Of course, I haven’t dedicated very much time to it yet, but it will eventually be informative and useful. http://wh7da.wordpress.com. If nothing else, the About Me page is worth about three seconds of entertainment…

And that’s it for tonight.

…in case you didn’t know… June 10, 2007

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You can subscribe to this blog “feed” on bloglines.com with this url:

I’ve taken to reading more of the forums and blogs I frequent through bloglines.

In other news, I’ve added a couple more reviews:
Canon SD700IS Digital Camera
CrankBros Smarty Pedals
Sea to Summit 10L Kitchen Sink

I’ve also added a couple new links, and separated my link list into three categories. You can browse through them on the right. If you have a cool and informative bicycle touring related website, feel free to leave me a comment with the url, I’ll check it out and may link to it. Some of these sites I’ve linked to make my Tour of Oahu seem silly and small. Maybe one day I’ll be joining the international touring scene…

In more personal information, I’ve started my second-to-last class for my degree, Chemistry. After that, my last class will be Calculus II. Then I’ll have my Bachelor of Science in Associated Science Technology in Nuclear Engineering Technology. I wrote that all out just because it looks and sounds so cool. In reality, it’s mostly a distance learning and work experience degree through Thomas Edison State College. But it will be finished, and better to have than have not.

I’ve also signed up for flight lessons. I start in July. I’m 36 and have wanted to do this since I was 8. I’ve waited too long to do it already and am finally at a place in my Navy career where I have the time to do it. So, I’ll be plenty busy over the next several months, but it will be fun.

Today, I’m updating reviews and the Tour of Oahu information, monitoring the 443.550 repeater (it is an IRLP repeater if any HAM’s want to chat. 3217). Click [HERE] for more info.

…changed plans to Maui… June 7, 2007

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For those who haven’t noticed, I’ve changed my summer bicycle touring plans from touring the Big Island of Hawaii to touring Maui. The only reason is because of the Hawaii SuperFerry schedule. Apparently they aren’t running to the Big Island when they first start up this summer. They are initially launching one ferry and providing once a day service to the islands of Maui and Kauai, six days a week (Sun – Fri).

They aren’t starting their runs to the Big Island until after they launch the second ferry, sometime in 2009.

So, it looks like I’ll be biking around Maui late this summer instead of the Big Island. Either way, it will be nice to be able to hop on a boat with my bike and all my gear and take a relaxing vacation on the other islands without a hotel and rental car. However, don’t think that this is a huge savings. Looking at their pricing, if I go during an off-peak day (no idea what day that is yet), it will cost $44 (assuming I pay 14 days prior and buy online) for me, and $25 for my bike. That’s if they don’t also charge me excess baggage. Oh, and that is each way. So, the cheapest I could do it for is $138, but could cost me as much as $174, if they don’t charge me for excess baggage (which they likely could with a trunk bag, front panniers, and rear panniers. Oh, and the fine print on their fare prices? they don’t include fuel price surcharges…

But, for five or six days of riding around and camping, I think I’ll come out better this way, and don’t have to worry about boxing up the bike for a plane ride, or shipping it. So, I suppose I can wait until 2009 for my trip to the Big Island.

…more updates… May 27, 2007

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Added Day 2 to the Tour of Oahu Section. Also finished the review of the SlumberJack sleeping bag. Added more descriptions to flickr photos. More reviews and tour information in progress. You can also subscribe to this feed on bloglines using the feed https://back2dabike.wordpress.com/feed/.

…updated review – Hennessy Hammock… May 26, 2007

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The Hennessy Hammock review is complete. Enjoy. See any aspects of a review I’m missing? please comment.

Hennessy Hammock tent

…updated gear list… May 25, 2007

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You’ll find new updates throughout the Tour of Oahu section, including a gear list. This list is also downloadable as a Word Document from this post, or from the Box.net widget in the lower right of any page in this blog.