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…new post on my other blog… December 24, 2007

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If you are interested in Ham Radio, then check out my recent portable project:


…wheel bearing grease… December 15, 2007

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…so, I have an update on my first experience with repacking my bicycle wheel bearings…

Since I didn’t have the correct grease, but wanted to get my bike back on the road, I messed around with mixing some stuff up that I had in the garage. What I found was that mixing the multi purpose red grease with some white lithium grease and some anti-seize lubricant resulted in a smoothly blended grease that was the same consistency and color as what was in the bike in the first place. So, I tried it out.

Several days later, my assessment is that the blend works just fine. The wheel rolls great. There are no apparent problems with the home-blended grease yet. Do I recommend doing it this way as a norm? No. Is it ok in a pinch? Probably.

Also, if you don’t have a really thin metric wrench to hold the cone nut while you tighten the locknut, you can grind the sides down on a 1/2″ open end wrench, and it should work just fine (mine did). I’m adding the ground down wrench to my slowly growing bag of bike tools, and I’m mixing up a small amount of the grease to have on hand, just in case.

Here’s how I mixed it:

Start with the multi-purpose red grease. Start mixing in white lithium grease a little at a time until you get a smooth consistency that is about a light rose or salmon color. The amounts are not exact, but you will use more red than white. Once you’ve got that mixture right where you want it, add a tiny bit of anti-seize. A little goes a long way when mixing this up, so start with a drop or two of anti-seize for a half cup of grease mixture. The anti-seize won’t blend as readily as the greases, but keep stirring. You should end up with a silvery-pinkish grease mixture. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Also, if you don’t have anti-seize, you can mix your own with some dry graphite or molybdenum and a little mineral oil. That’s it. Pretty easy…

…flat count… October 11, 2007

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…Yesterday morning’s flat makes 002 for 2007. Not too bad since we’re going into the 10th month. Of course there’s a total of 6 or 7 weeks I wasn’t riding, but only 2 flats is great. The culprit was a particularly aggressive piece of glass that was long enough to get through the tire.

Speaking of tires… I do love the Armadillo Elite Borough CX tires. They really hold up well. The rear tire (with the flat yesterday) has a dozen cuts that never made it through the kevlar belting. I can’t imagine riding a non-kevlar tire. The Armadillos are worth every penny (and the couple extra grams).

I just need to get back into the habit of leaving early enough to deal with a flat (just in case). It only takes a few minutes, but I’ve been cutting my commute time and timing down to the bare minimum needed. I need to change that and leave a little earlier. 5 minutes won’t hurt, right?…

…back on the bike… October 2, 2007

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…so I rode the bike home from work last Thursday (yes, it has been in my office for the last month), then let my knee rest over the weekend. Everything seemed to hold up great, so I’m back to riding the bike to/from work. Rode it to/from yesterday, and rode it in this morning. Feels great to ride again. Of course, I have to fight to lose the weight that I put on while resting my knee.

In other news, I recently ordered the Arkel Briefcase pannier. That should make for getting things around at work easier. I usually commute with a trunk bag on the back, and a pair of Arkel T28’s on the front. Normally I don’t need the T42’s. However, it would occasionally be helpful to have just a little more room, and the briefcase should fit the bill nicely. I’ll post a review in the next couple weeks.

In other other news, I’ve upgraded to bibs. Yep, first it was spandex shorts, and now bibs. I must say that they are worth the extra money over the padded shorts I was wearing. So far, the only issue I have is when I had to take an emergency #2 bathroom break. I had to take my shirt off to drop the bibs! They are still worth the hassle. Oh, and I feel faster 🙂

In other other other news… I am thinking about planning my trip to Maui. One teensy problem… the state of Hawaii is totally dicking around with the new inter-island ferry. The protesting is malicious. They could have protested anytime the last five or more years while the company went through all the hassle of getting approval to conduct business in Hawaii, and getting all the environmental surveys done, and developing a plan to conduct business with minimum impact on the environment. Instead, they apparently waited until the Super Ferry started running, and protested by blocking the path and getting a judge to suspend operations, resulting in people leaving their vehicles on other islands.

There is more information on the www.superferry.com site, and in this article written by Senator Sam Slom. I’d write more, but I just get pissed off. The inter-island ferry is just what the islands need, and they are crapping on their opportunity.

Also keeping me from seriously considering a bike ride on Maui is the cost of using the Super Ferry. Here is the booking broken down:

Maui Booking

Can you believe the prices!?!? I have to pay $30 for a fuel surcharge for me and my bike to walk onto the ferry and ride it to Maui and back. $30 just for fuel! What is the fare paying for? Why so much money? Are they not interested in being competitive with the airlines? The cost is ridiculous. If the protesters get the Super Ferry to shut down, then the taxpayers are on the hook for $40 million in bonds. Doesn’t this mean that the Super Ferry has $40 million guaranteed over some period of time? Then why do they need to charge so much? Ahhhh…

Anyway, I’m happy to be back on the bike, still looking at building a Surly Long Haul Trucker, haven’t got around to building the perfect bike light yet, and have too many projects going on…

…but I’m riding…

…haven’t been riding… August 11, 2007

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I came down with Shingles a couple weeks ago. It attacked my L3 nerve bundle, which is the upper front to lower inner area on my left thigh. This has seriously hampered my ability (and motivation) to ride. After one misdiagnosis, and a week and a half, I’ve been prescribed some medication called Acyclovir which seems to be helping it out quite a bit. I take one 800mg pill every 6hrs for 7 days. I’ve managed to go to work (except for two days) and am otherwise productive. In fact, I’ve been cleaning and organizing my garage. Soon, I’ll have a workbench station setup just for bike maintenance.

I’ve also uploaded some pictures from my last weekend ride (back in July), and pictures of what happens when I don’t follow my own plans – and build a 50W Halogen spotlight that runs off 12VDC. Yeah, there could have been a fire, but man – it was a great light while it lasted!

Anyway, I should be back on the bike soon. I need to be, the Honolulu Century Ride is coming up at the end of September, and I want to ride the full 100 miles. Right now, I’m severely out of shape and have put on 14 pounds in the last month. Well, back on the bike soon enough. The shingles are phasing out of the pain stage and back to the crazy itchy stage, and the blisters are drying up. Gross. Another week and I’ll be riding again.

…first flat of 2007… July 8, 2007

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So, I was looking my bike over tonight, getting ready for work tomorrow, and my rear tire is flat. I feel pretty good about that. This is my first flat of 2007, and my first flat since that horrible day with 3 flats (Sept 19, 2006). After finally getting home that day, I spent the money for some Armadillo’s. I never got a flat on those tires. I switched them for the Borough’s back in early May.

So, how many flats will I deal with this year? The counter is on. –> 001