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…sold bike… January 16, 2008

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Well, I sold the 04 Giant OCR 3…

It was just a bit too small for me. I tried riding it, but could not get comfortable on it. With the seat up high enough to allow for efficient pedaling, I was bent so far over I was almost looking behind me. Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad… but I do need a longer top tube, and a taller head tube.

Cranks… I’m thinking that when I do get a road bike or touring bike that fits me, I’ll put 180’s on it. Most XL bikes come with 175’s or 177.5’s. I feel like my legs would do better with 180’s. I know, it doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but try two exact bikes – one with 175’s and one with 177.5’s. You’d be amazed that you notice the difference of 2.5mm’s.

Other things I learned from rebuilding the OCR 3… I learned that I love my Brooks. I have over 800 miles on the Brooks, and I absolutely love it. To realize how much I love it, I just needed to ride a few miles on another seat. The seat I put on the OCR wasn’t uncomfortable or bad, but it was the “old” feeling of riding on a bike seat. The normal feeling. The way I thought all bike seats felt. The way you get used to a bike seat because that’s just how they feel.

Not anymore. The Brooks rides differently. It feels better. It is more comfortable. You can do hours and hours on a Brooks without noticing it. If someone ever asks me what bike seat is worth $100 or more, I’ll answer “Brooks”.

Let’s see… other news or thoughts on random subjects…

Entertainment: Tom Cruise is a nutjob. Apparently, so is Scott Baio. Brittney? Pretty obvious.

Politics: I was a McCain supporter, but have been more interested in Huckabee lately. Two guys that work for me are from Arkansas and have nothing but great things to say about what he has done there. Sounds promising. But, it always does, doesn’t it…

News: Too many tragedy’s to comment on. Too many families killed for no reason other than lunatic ideas. Too many kids hurt or killed. Too many people doing too many horrible things. Too much tragedy.

What else…?

Getting my pilot license. All done with my training. Got a 90 on my FAA written exam. All I have left is my oral interview, and checkride. Both scheduled for tomorrow (weather supporting).

For my recent projects since finishing the bike rebuild, check out my other blog:


Oh, and if you want an easy way to monitor several blogs, use www.bloglines.com. It is an easy one-stop site for updates to many different “rss feeds”. And no, you don’t need to know what an rss feed is to use it. You just click “ADD” and type or copy the URL of the website you want to monitor, and it finds the rss feed. Then, you just go to bloglines, and it will show you any updates on any of the sites you watch.

I use it to watch CraigsList (you can enter Craigslist searches as URL’s), comics (there are lots of comic feeds out there – hundreds), favorite threads in favorite forums like bikeforums, feeds from hobby related stuff like planetham, and (of course) any other blogs I follow like ClydesdaleFitness.

In fact, here are some feeds I use, just to get you started:


There’s more possibilities out there, but listed are a few of mine to give you some ideas.

…shopping list… January 1, 2008

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…Ok, so I am working up a shopping list for the bike rebuild. It doesn’t need much. Stuff does add up in a hurry, but I think I can make a pretty cool looking bike fairly inexpensively.

Handlebar tape:

The Yellow/Black near the middle of the image. About $15.


It’s a yellow and black saddle, so it matches the bike color scheme, for $20. Waaay cheaper than the Brooks I really want to put on it.


CrankBros Eggbeater Chromoly pedals. $40. And I can use the shoes I already have.

Other items:

  • Yellow paint for details, like head tube emblem.
  • New shifter and brake cables.
  • Small yellow/black under seat tool bag.

So, take a look at my flickr set for the bike rebuild, and let me know what else you think I should do. So far, I’ve cleaned up and fixed the front derailleur and rear brake, wire brushed and primed the head tube badge, removed the bar tape, removed the rusted toe clip pedals, and removed the front brake for cleaning/repair.

Depending on the price of the cables, I’ll have the bike rebuilt and looking great for about $100. Add to that the $250 purchase price, and it’s a nearly new compact road bike for less than $400!

…may get another bike… December 29, 2007

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Possibly picking up a road bike off Craigslist.

Taking a look at a Giant OCR tomorrow. Don’t know which one it is, or exactly how old it is yet, though it is the 6061 aluminum framed low-end model. Whether I get it depends on how it fits. It may be a tad small at 60/61cm, but we’ll see tomorrow. They are only asking $250 including headlight and u-lock.

It would be nice to have a dedicated weekend road bike, and enjoy some faster rides, rather than using my commuter/tourer/hybrid bike.

Eventually, I’ll have three bikes. A commuter, a dedicated tourer, and a road bike. I already have the commuter, and I don’t mind buying a used low-end road bike, but I’d like to build the tourer. A custom built (by me) Surly Long Haul Trucker would fit the bill perfectly. Oh well, someday. For now I’ll settle for a cheap road bike.

If I get it, I’ll post pics and let you know how it rides 🙂

…natures gym… December 27, 2007

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I love these shirts…

Natures Gym Charcoal T-Shirt

And I even ordered a coffee mug:

Cycling Mug

You can see all his cycling stuff here:  http://www.cafepress.com/naturesgym/3752849

…flat count… October 11, 2007

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…Yesterday morning’s flat makes 002 for 2007. Not too bad since we’re going into the 10th month. Of course there’s a total of 6 or 7 weeks I wasn’t riding, but only 2 flats is great. The culprit was a particularly aggressive piece of glass that was long enough to get through the tire.

Speaking of tires… I do love the Armadillo Elite Borough CX tires. They really hold up well. The rear tire (with the flat yesterday) has a dozen cuts that never made it through the kevlar belting. I can’t imagine riding a non-kevlar tire. The Armadillos are worth every penny (and the couple extra grams).

I just need to get back into the habit of leaving early enough to deal with a flat (just in case). It only takes a few minutes, but I’ve been cutting my commute time and timing down to the bare minimum needed. I need to change that and leave a little earlier. 5 minutes won’t hurt, right?…