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Borough CX Tires (++++)

These are my permanent commuter tires now. I absolutely love them. Rain, dirt, glass, rocks, pavement… doesn’t matter, they handle it all. In fact, I only had 2 flats for all of 2007!

(Update since review first written – the back tire has failed due to tread separation. Please see the following post for more information: https://back2dabike.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/figured-it-out/

Specialized Borough CX tires

These tires ride great for commuting and light touring. They handle a heavy and loaded bike easily. They are easy to get on/off the rim. They hold the road in the rain. They deal with multiple surfaces.

What they are not are fast road tires. They are not abnormally slow, but they are not super low resistant high pressure low contact patch 23’s. So, if you want a great tire that will last several years – even with lots of glass, get the Borough’s. They are worth the money.

My only issue with mine is that there is a slight bulge on one. To those riding behind me, it looks as though my rim is out of true. I do feel the bulge at slow speeds, but only when I am paying attention to it. The bulge is probably a manufacturing issue, but at about $50/tire, I wouldn’t expect any bulges.

Even with that, I would buy them again.

Website: www.specialized.com
Model Tested: Dual compound Borough CX
Specs: 700×32
Price Paid: $46/ea

Ease of Use: +++++ They go on easy!
Comfort: +++++
Design: +++
Quality: ++ (updated)
Features: N/A
Accessories: N/A
Value: ++++
Support: N/A

Best of it: Install and remove easily
Worst of it: Bulge in the sidewall of one tire

Overall Rating: ++++


1. …figured it out… « …bike to work to live to bike… - April 25, 2008

[…] Equipment, Hawaii, Information, Rides. Tags: bike, life, tire trackback Well, in my review of the Specialized Borough tires, I talked about a small bulge on one tire. It was the back tire. Nearly a year later, I have […]

2. Kermit - July 11, 2008

Tread seperation.

I’ve had the Borough with the wire beads, and the Armadillo Elite. The wire bead does get more flats but has held up good so far (a year and 5 months of commuting ~7000 miles), but the Armadillo Elite (8 months of commuting and ~3600 miles) has started to fail at the sidewall, it appears that a brake was dragging on the tire, but it had not been and there is plenty of clearance, the first ply broke today, but the inner ply is still holding on (for now). It’s only 1 inch right now, but got bigger on my ride to work. I’ve been coming across random threads where people are having this problem, it seems that it’s with people that ride a lot. When looking down at it when riding you can see how the tire naturally wants to “wrinkle” before and after it contacts the road and I think this is what is fatiguing the sidewall on mine. Is this where yours failed?

3. Chief - July 11, 2008

Mine failed when one of the grooves started stretching out like it had a thin spot, then separated. It was not in contact with the brakes on that part of the tire.

In fact, where it started coming apart is where the “bulge” was that I mentioned in my review.

I’ve updated my review with a link to my post about the issue I had with the tire.

I now ride with a 700×32 Borough on the back, and a 700×28 Armadillo on the front. Feels like a great setup. I threw out the separated back tire, installed the front on the back, and put the old Armadillo on the front.

4. Couch - July 23, 2009

I just picked up two 700×32 Boroughs tonight. I only got 5 miles in today but they immediately feel better then the orignal tires. We will see, but for 35 bones a tire, I don’t think I’ll have many complants. If they last a year, I will be happy.


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