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Canon SD700IS Camera (+++++)

…thought this was interesting: currently ranked in the top 20 out of over 120 Canon cameras on flickr.

See it here: http://www.flickr.com/cameras/canon/powershot_sd700_is/

This rugged little metal bodied camera is so well designed that I’ve switched brands. For those that know me and my brand-loyal fanatics, this is a huge deal. I previously bought only Minolta Cameras. I loved them. They used great lenses. They were metal bodied (the one’s I bought), and took exceptional pictures.

But, now I’m sold on the Canon PowerShot SD series of cameras…


So, what changed my mind? This little Canon is compact, but with large-camera features. The functions and menu items are easy to get to and easy to understand. The lens has an automatic lens cover (which has saved it from possible damage at least twice). The metal body is well put together with excellent fit. My last two Minolta’s had the battery doors crack. This one doesn’t have any slop in it’s fit, or any pressure on the door that would cause any damage.

Oh, and the main reason – the battery lasts forever. No kidding. I took 418 pictures on the Oahu Bike Tour, and never got a low battery indicator. I cycled the zoom practically every other shot, and the LCD was on the entire time. I reviewed the pictures several times, and even accessed the menu functions half a dozen times. I’ve taken over a hundred pictures since the tour and still haven’t charged the battery.

Based on a similar experience earlier this year, I took the camera up for a flight around the islands in a Cessna 172SP, and took over 800 pictures over the six hours (we stopped for gas on the big island). No low battery indicator the entire time.

Check out my pictures taken with the Canon PowerShot SD700IS on flickr. Keep in mind that the pictures you are seeing have been optimized in PhotoShop for web viewing (I believe 1200×900 @ 96dpi for most), and are not original quality. I would have used all my monthly bandwith uploading the original photos.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this camera to anyone but an SLR user. The battery life is excellent, the camera is easy to manage and easy to learn, and has enough options to satisfy a first-time user all the way up to an advanced user. The image quality is at least as good as my last Minolta, and doesn’t suck down batteries like that same Minolta. I’ve switched to this line of Canon cameras, and encourage you to try one, too.

Website: flickr–> Canon–> PowerShot
Model Tested: Canon PowerShot SD700IS
Specs: Yahoo–> Canon–> Specs

Ease of Use: ++++
Comfort: +++++
Design: +++++
Quality: +++++
Features: ++++
Accessories: not tested
Value: +++++
Support: Unable to reach Canon for permission to use their stock photos of the camera. I received an email, after sending several, stating that I would need to contact their corporate headquarters in writing by letter. The email stressed that I would be unable to talk to anyone by phone or email. I hope I don’t ever have a problem with the camera and have to test their customer support.

Best of it: Battery lasts forever
Worst of it: Some pictures need lightening-up occasionally

Overall Rating: +++++


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