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Novara Gloves (++)

This was a fairly easy review to write. I didn’t like them. I wear XL, but these felt too tight to be XL’s. They are difficult to get on and off. When on, my fingers don’t bend as comfortably as in other gloves. The finger sleeves are a tad too long. If they were trimmed back about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch, they would be just the right length.

Novara biking gloves at REI

I understand that they can’t build a glove for every hand, or a glove for every use… but I think they got this one all wrong. If they built the XL for a guy who is bigger everywhere, and not just long and skinny, then they would have a better glove.

Other issues, the padding feels out of place. The glove feels padded in the wrong areas. My fingers get tingly after about 30 minutes of riding, though that may be a combination of tight fingersleeves and poor padding.

Overall, I can’t recommend these to anybody. Hopefully, someone tries a smaller size and finds that it works for them, but if you are a big guy (6’4″, 240#), then go with something else.

Website: http://www.rei.com/product/734988
Model Tested: Novara Tradition
Specs: http://www.rei.com/product/734988
Price Paid: $19.99

Ease of Use: +
Comfort: +
Design: ++
Quality: ++++
Features: n/a
Accessories: n/a
Value: ++
Support: n/a

Best of it: They were only $19.50
Worst of it: They didn’t fit

Overall Rating: ++


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