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Sea to Summit Sink (+++++)

This was an easy review. It’s a soft bucket thing with handles. You put water in it. You dump water out, shake it, and fold it. It’s small and light. It has more uses than you realize. I love it. Used it every day on my trip.

Kitchen Sink

This is on my “must have” list for bicycle touring.

There are several sizes available, though I found the 10L to be perfect for uses around camp with just me. I can see that it would have been great for two or three people to share, but even for one person, I wouldn’t go smaller.

It holds its shape when unfolded, with a wire of some sort running around the rim. This allows it to keep the water in no matter how full or empty it is. You can even set it out overnight and let it catch rain. As it fills, the pressure of the water on the walls pushes the rim band up, making it stand taller.

To fold it, you simply grab the rim on opposite sides, twist into a figure 8, fold two loops onto one another… and repeat. When done, you have four overlapping circles. If that sounds confusing, it really isn’t. It is folded the same way those “loop” car shades are folded.

The construction is durable and well engineered. Can’t wait to try other products from Sea to Summit.

That’s it, I have nothing negative to say about it. Get one.

Website: www.seatosummit.com
Model Tested: 10L Kitchen Sink
Specs: www.seatosummit.com
Price Paid: $16.99 at CampMor.com

Ease of Use: +++++
Comfort: n/a
Design: +++++
Quality: +++++
Features: +++++
Accessories: n/a
Value: ++++
Support: not tested

Best of it: Easy to use, small, light
Worst of it: Nothing bad to say.

Overall Rating: +++++



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