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Day 1 :: 17MAY07

Day 1 Route Map

Metrics and Meals:

Route along Nimitz/Ala Moana difficult due to lack of bikelane along most of it from around Lagoon Drive pretty much until Kapiolani Park down by the zoo. There were occasionally good spots, but most of that stretch I was relying on the cars/trucks to steer clear of me.

These pictures are around the Aloha Tower area.

Aloha Tower

Falls of Clyde

Three decent climbs were today: Diamond Head, back of Koko Head on Hawaii Kai Rd., and the hill after Sandy Beach and before Sea Life Park. You’ll see through this adventure that they aren’t the worst, but overall the climbs are not too bad for a bike tour.


The campground this first night was nice. I stayed at Bellows AFS in the Menehune #4. Looking around, any of the first three would have been perfect.


Found my windscreen on my homemade stove to be ineffective. Works better with aluminum foil wrapped around other half. Found I didn’t bring enough fuel for 4 days. Need bigger bottle or more efficient stove. Will make a new one after trip with lower holes.

Kitchen sink has already shown itself to be useful. Really nice to have. Only one trip down to water faucet and I had plenty for dishes and coffee and cooking.

Overall, the flies are bad, the breeze is nice, and the clouds have comfortably cooled off the afternoon.

I made HAM radio contact attempts on both the Laie(146.640) and Diamond Head(146.880) repeaters. No luck. I need to build the portable antenna.

Contacts may be easier tomorrow. I’ll be practically next to the Laie(146.640) repeater. Not a good area here for a 5W handheld.

The Bellows campground has great facilities. The bathrooms down by the beach have both inside and outside showers. There’s a minimart (that sells isopropynol alcohol for your homemade stove), a mini-golf course, a driving range, a paintball course, a kids playground, a diner, and tennis and volleyball courts. Oh, and don’t forget the beaches!

You could easily spend two or three days here. The worst? the ants, the flies, and the sand. Expect the sand to get everywhere. Don’t know what to do about the flies. Keep things cleaned up and the ants won’t totally swarm, though they are always scouting around.

Note that there is a centipede problem out here. The big 4-6 inch kind that bite (or pinch?). They like dark tight places so keep all your bags closed and zipped. If you are bit, simply clean it and use an anti-septic. Article: How to Treat a Centipede Bite.

As far as gear goes, I wish I had a bigger towel, though the washcloth is a perfect size. The hammock tent was awesome. There was only one night I kept waking up uncomfortably chilly even with the SlumberJack bag and REI sleeppad.

[Note: you can see a list of all my reviews here.]

The bike felt unstable the first day. There were clicks and creaks and groans I’d never heard it make before. For a base model aluminum hybrid converted to tourer (by adding racks), I’ve really got it loaded down. Between gear, food, clothes, and my 240 pound fat butt – the Sirrus is not the best tourer, but it’s holding up.

The tires are great. I feel much better on 32’s. The 28’s would have been too dicey. [Note: I swapped out 28mm tires for 32mm tires the week before the tour based on information I gathered from this poll from BikeForums.]

Tour of Oahu >> Day 2 :: 18MAY07



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