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Day 2 :: 18MAY07

Day 2 Route Map

Metrics and Meals:

Shower in morning was great. The Bellows facilities are great for this kind of touring. You could stay here for three or four days, do some scenic rides into nearby Kailua and around Kaneohe Bay, play mini golf, or just relax on the beach.

It is breezy here. I had a problem keeping my stove lit. Wasted a lot of fuel. Also, should have brought a backup lighter. Brought a backup stove, but not a backup lighter. Once it gets warmed up, the stove works pretty good. Not sure if the holes are too high or too low, too large or too small, but I’m sure there’s a way to make it a tad bit better and more efficient.

Up at Hau’ula now. Not a good campground. Safety in numbers, right? so I camped near another tent. Turns out it was home to several homeless. Made some conversation. Throughout the day, several more showed up – including a man living out of a Kailua School District Bus. No kidding, one of the short yellow school buses. Other than small talk, they all kept to themselves during the day.

A better place to stay would be further North at the state park. Even the campground I passed four or five miles back would have been better. Even so, here at Hau’ula, there is a water faucet and fountain nearby, bathrooms less than 100 yds away, and a 7-11 across the street. Only problem is that I’m afraid to leave all my stuff. I wonder how the soloists do it? Probably just pick better spots than this. Or bring a friend.

No contacts on the Laie(146.649) repeater yet, though I am definitely hitting it. I’ll have to check out a map and see how far away it is from the campground.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I’ll have to load up on water in Haleiwa. Up at Peacock Flats, there is no water. No streams. No faucets. Nothing. I’m planning on staying there two days, and I’ll need enough water for cooking, laundry, washing, and making coffee. I’ll also need to get more fuel. There’s a 7-11 on the West side of Haleiwa.

Hit a little rain on the last leg of the ride today. Not sure how I feel about my Canari Cycling Shell. It’s lightweight and kept the rain off, but I sweated so bad, I’d have been better off in the rain.

Before I forget, the climb today was worse than any of the three yesterday. It kept going and going and going. The road out of Bellows ends on Highway 63, the Pali. So you have to go up that a stretch to get back on the Kamehameha Highway.

Listened to a Net on 148.625 for a bit. Faint. Some static. Not sure how they were using that frequency. It’s outside the range allowed for transmit on the 2M band.

More homeless showed up. Still raining off and on. Still don’t want to leave my camp. Don’t even want to get camera out to take picture. Oh, the ‘small talk’ they were making with me mostly involved the hammock tent and how much it cost. Then they would start asking about the Arkel bags… and how much they cost. I ended up telling them that all the stuff was really cheap. I could see I wasn’t going to sleep well.

Passed the Crouching Lion Inn on the way here. Used to be a bed and breakfast, now just a restaurant. Haven’t tried it out yet. I did finally see the rock formation known as ‘Crouching Lion’. All those times driving by, I never had the time to look over and find it.

Ended up leaving my stuff twice. Once for a very quick bathroom break, and once to 7-11 for some Spam Musubi. Nervous both times.

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