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Day 3 :: 19MAY07

The ride out of Hau’lau was uneventful. One thing about this section of the ride, there are lots of roadside fruitstands. If you are hungry for a snack, just keep pedaling and you’ll come across a stand full of fresh pineapple, bananas, apple-bananas (I like them better than the regular ones), star-fruit (not a fan), and other cool stuff.

I took a break about 1.5 miles West of the Turtle Bay Hilton. Beautiful section of beach. Chatted with a nice couple on vacation from Washington. Stayed for a while. Got some pictures. Very relaxing. Realized I haven’t stopped much during my ride to relax or do something other than grap a quick picture or eat a quick snack.



From here, I was able to hit the Peacock Flats repeater (146.760) with my 5 Watt handheld. No contacts.

Had a nice break, but need to get to a shower in Haleiwa. Need to wash and dry clothes, too. The rain washed out my plans for drying.

The weather is beautiful this morning.

Wish my other gloves were dry. Don’t like these Novara’s at all.

Stopped at a park in Haleiwa to wash and dry clothes and have lunch. Will need to load up on water before leaving Haleiwa.

Oh, and before I forget, here is a short list of things I found absolutely essential for my bike tour:

Clouds rolling in again. Need a nap. Ride on or nap? Clothes aren’t dry, I’ll nap.

IMPORTANT!: The road I took up to Peacock Flats is a gated private road. I did not have permission. I intended to play dumb if questioned stating that I was at the campground at the top of the mountain, came down to check out the beach, and came to the gate at the bottom – where I turned around and am heading back to my camp.

The gated road turnoff is just passed Mahinaai Street. If you bike past a ranch, with the whole white arch over the driveway and horses running around thing going, you went too far. If you get to the airport, you went waaay too far.

3 .5 miles up access road to Peacock Flats campground SUCKED! Stocked up on water, expecting to stay for two days and used half the water on the trip up the hill.

Whoever checks road gradients had the day (or month) off when they built this one. I had to push my bike up most of the 3.5 miles. You’ll know you are at the top of the hill when you get to this gate:

Gate at top of hill at Peacock Flats

Ten yards on the other side of that gate is the road to the campground(s). There will be one on the left, and one further up on the right. I like the one on the right – though I stayed at the lower one on the left. My camp for the next 2 days:

Camp at Peacock Flats

So, I lied about the worst hills being on day 1. There were just 3, but they were broken up. Looking back, it was the easiest day. Coming up the 61 out of Kaneohe Bay up to Kamehameha Highway on the second day was worse than the day before. But, this was the worst. To end your day with a 3.5 mile climb, loaded up with extra water – well let’s just say it was so steep, it took me 1 hour and 48 minutes to go the 3.5 miles.

Made contact with WH7DC on the Peacock Flats repeater while he was up at Camp Smith holding onto a street sign (ironically, a dead end sign).

Tour of Oahu >> Day 4 :: 20MAY07



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