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Day 4 :: 20MAY07

Made radio contact with NH6DA while he was doing a radio check.

Slept great last night (8+ hours).

A couple mountain bikers came through. I think they biked the whole 3.5 miles up the access road. They weren’t coming from the other side (Waianiae side). They had camel backs and a small seat bag for gear. Not much else.

Taking an easy day today, but I’m already bored out of my mind. Had some more coffee. Almost out of water. I’ll probably play some Pente on my PocketPC, just to justify bringing it since I didn’t load it up with any maps or useful information. Next time, I’m leaving it.

Peacock at Peacock Flats

Saw a couple peacocks, two hens and a male. Aaaahhhh, peacocks – Peacock Flats! Now I get it…

I napped and walked and read and napped. It is sooo quiet up here. During the week is the best time to camp here. Too often, there are campers all over on the weekends. Plan your trip to put you up here during the week.

Tour of Oahu >> Day 5 :: 21MAY07



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