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Day 5 :: 21MAY07

(These notes were not recorded during my trip, but added when I finally updated this page, almost a year later)

The ride down the access road was fun (scary fun). I had to stop twice to let my brakes and rims cool. I was afraid I had warped my wheels.

At the bottom, I headed West again. Keana Point was a 4×4 area with a dirt/gravel road running through it. It has since been closed off to vehicles, though there is still access by foot and/or bicycle. Once through what used to be the 4×4 area, there will be a squeeze through gate into the preserve area.

Keana Point gate

The mountain bikers sign simply states to stay on the main trails. Any venturing off trails may impact the sea bird nesting areas. Apparently, the fish and game monitor people in this area from the hills above, so don’t give them reason to come talk to you.

Once you’ve rounded the point and are headed down the West side of the island, the trail gets pretty rough. There are some sketchy areas, including this one with a washed out section.

Keana Point washout

I had to take everything off my bike and walk it cautiously over the plank and the less stable section of trail until back on good ground. It took a bit of time. This is better done with a buddy and a rope. If I had slipped (or the board moved), I would have crashed onto the rocks over 30 feet below. That would have crippled me. So, be careful. If you are unsure at this point of the trip, turn around and come down through the pineapple valley along Kunia Road.

Keana Point washout.

Once past the washed out section and a mile or so down the rough trail, it opens up back onto a road. Be careful as not all the people in this area are naturally friendly. There are thousands of homeless along this section of island, and it is not uncommon for tourists/joggers/bikers to get assaulted.


Again, once you are back to paved road, the amenities for a relaxing break are available. I had one last shower, and prepared for my ride home. I did not stay anywhere along this side of the island because of the homeless problem. I strongly recommend that you also do not plan any stays on the West side.

homeless in Hawaii

Homeless in Hawaii does not necessarily mean car-less, job-less, family-less. Many of the people staying out on the beach are communities of families with jobs, whose kids still go to school, and who otherwise are making do without a permanent home.

The problem comes from the recent (last 5-10 years) sharp rise in the housing market. Owners who were renting kept increasing the rent to keep up with what they could get based on the market, often forcing families out. This is a huge problem out here and one that breeds a lot of animosity. The locals who are homeless tend to view the problem as coming from, well, non-locals. So, be wary of who you converse with and what information you give.

Hawaii beach view

Other than that, enjoy the scenery and have a fun trip! I did!!!

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