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…brake tip… January 1, 2008

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Here’s a tip for brake maintenance:

If you have side-pull or dual-pivot brakes, and you get a rough or audible release, check your tension spring.  There should be a little groove where the spring presses against the second arm. This spring will slide a little inside a little plastic tube. Your little plastic tube may have disintegrated, leaving a metal on metal rub that will feel rough and may be slightly audible.

This is what my little black plastic thing looked like. So, I had to replace it – but with what?

After poking around my garage for a bit and trying a few things, I tried an electrical connector. These are little red plastic tubes with a slight shoulder on each end, and a metal roll pin inside. Simply punch the roll pin out, dab a touch of grease inside the plastic tube, slide over the spring end, and pop back into the groove.

The top shoulder keeps the red tube from sliding off, and the tension spring slides noiseless and effortless inside the plastic tube.