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…Updated Review… January 31, 2012

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Well, I’ve finally updated a review. The CygoLite 10W Halogen bike light review.

I was admiring my bike today, and charging up the bike light. Suddenly, I realized that I’ve had that light for quite some time. I wandered back to my review to see when it was posted, and realized I’ve had it for 5 years!

It’s been on two bikes. My Sirrus out in Hawaii. Now on my Surly LHT here in Minnesota. It has tolerated (as have I) the heat, the humidity, the cold, the wind. What a great light! Absolutely worth the investment. Another example that you should spend the money to get the right equipment the first time.


…shopping list… January 1, 2008

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…Ok, so I am working up a shopping list for the bike rebuild. It doesn’t need much. Stuff does add up in a hurry, but I think I can make a pretty cool looking bike fairly inexpensively.

Handlebar tape:

The Yellow/Black near the middle of the image. About $15.


It’s a yellow and black saddle, so it matches the bike color scheme, for $20. Waaay cheaper than the Brooks I really want to put on it.


CrankBros Eggbeater Chromoly pedals. $40. And I can use the shoes I already have.

Other items:

  • Yellow paint for details, like head tube emblem.
  • New shifter and brake cables.
  • Small yellow/black under seat tool bag.

So, take a look at my flickr set for the bike rebuild, and let me know what else you think I should do. So far, I’ve cleaned up and fixed the front derailleur and rear brake, wire brushed and primed the head tube badge, removed the bar tape, removed the rusted toe clip pedals, and removed the front brake for cleaning/repair.

Depending on the price of the cables, I’ll have the bike rebuilt and looking great for about $100. Add to that the $250 purchase price, and it’s a nearly new compact road bike for less than $400!