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…progress update… November 11, 2007

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Apr 06: 272 lbs, 36%BF
Oct 06: 261 lbs, 31%BF
Apr 07: 239 lbs, 25%BF (Waived as Failure due to Excellent Low – thanks to allowing stationary bike as option to run)

And Now…
Nov 07: 246 lbs, 22%BF !!!!

WooooHoooooo! I’m within the Navy BF standards!

My weight went up, but I’m leaner overall, so I don’t mind that.
You gotta love the exercise from bicycle commuting…

Oh, and I burned 203 calories in 12 minutes on the stationary bike! 3 calories more than the next highest out of more than 20 Sailors who did the bike for their PRT.